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THE MISSION OF THE ARKANSAS READING ASSOCIATION:     The Arkansas Reading Association, an affiliate of the International Literacy Association, is a professional organization of individuals, institutions, and councils dedicated to promoting reading and developing literacy.

2018's First Book Club begins
January 15 with author Rebecca Harper.

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Mark Your Calendars!

  • January 29:  ARA Book Club Meets
  • February 3:  1st Annual Online Literacy Conference



February 1

School Based Literacy Grant Application 2017.docx

    • Up to $500 in grant monies is available for school or classroom projects.  Contact Vicki King - vicki.king@arkansas.gov.
    • Deadline: Must be postmarked by February 1
March 1

Administrator in Reading Award

Jo Flanigan Scholarship


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A Note from the ARA President

As president of the Arkansas Reading Association, I would like to thank you for being a part of this dynamic organization.  If you are not a member yet, I would like to invite you to join us today!  The Arkansas Reading Association is a diverse organization that includes individuals, institutions, and councils dedicated to promoting reading and developing literacy.

 The International Literacy Association has reported that there are 781 million people worldwide who cannot read or write. 126 million of those are youth. Just think of the life-long implications, the closed doors of opportunity—and the ripple effect on families and communities when so many individuals lack this essential skill!

Each student that enters our classroom is like a seed. Our desire is to help those students to grow and reach their fullest potential. Every gardener knows that a plant is only as healthy as its roots. Every teacher knows that students who can’t read struggle in many other subject areas as a result. With that being said, I have selected the theme for our November conference: “Arkansas Reading Association, Rooted in Literacy”.  The needs of students are constantly evolving. To meet those needs, our instructional approaches must also constantly evolve. I hope you will join us for a wonderful time of collaboration and leading-edge professional development from recognized leaders in the field of literacy.

In addition to our annual conference, there are many ways to get involved with the Arkansas Reading Association. Become a member of your local council, and you will make a difference in your community by promoting literacy and encouraging your students to become lifelong learners.  Influence literacy at the state level by voicing your ideas about the training you need and volunteering to serve. By joining our affiliate organization, the International Literacy Association, you can help the spread of literacy to every corner of the globe.   

To stay informed keep checking arareading.org for information about our book clubs and the upcoming conference. We will also be planning an online professional development session in the very near future.  Stay tuned for updates!

The Arkansas Reading Association is Rooted in Literacy, and we are looking forward to celebrating 45 years of promoting literacy in Arkansas.


Kaila Murphy, President

Suzanne Wilson Named ARA Administrator in Reading

Suzanne Wilson, Assistant Superintendent for Greenwood School District, is this year's recipient of ARA's Administrator in Reading Award. A former teacher and principal, she oversees the Reading Recovery, Reading Therapy, and RTI programs. She provides her staff with numerous PD opportunities, training, and educational advancements needed to support them.  She advocates a balance of individual reading time for enjoyment and good foundational programs of instruction. Last year she implemented GSPIRE, an after-school program she designed, that provides personalized reading and math interventions to students in grades K-12. This program has shown promising results for over 100 students who are involved in it. According to those who work with her, “She has the innate ability to bring people together around a common goal. She is a leader and a team builder.”

2016-17 Celebrate Literacy Winners 

EDUCATOR -  Vicki King

Vicki works for ADE’s Division of Learning Services. She has held a vast array of experiences in education including classroom teaching, private practice therapist, educational trainer, resource teacher, and reading therapy training course instructor. A member of the International Dyslexia Society and a certified dyslexia trainer, she used her knowledge to help write dyslexia legislation for Arkansas. She is a member of numerous educational groups and is active in ARA and her local reading council. 

AGENCY - Kindersongs

Brian and Terri Kinder perform “rollicking goodtime concerts for kids.” This duo uses original songs to communicate their message of joy and the importance of reading. They have released original songs on 11 audio CDs and have performed thousands of concerts in schools, libraries, churches, festivals, and concert halls.  They have donated CDs to churches and libraries, have given a “free library” to the East End community, and they often perform workshops for free. 


Director of the Southeast Arkansas Public Library, Judy Calhoun started at Star City Branch Library where she developed and maintained reading programs for children and adults. She is a former president of the Arkansas Library Association and received their Distinguished Service Award in 2015. She is a charter member of the reading committee for the Arkansas Teen Book Award. She has attended and presented at numerous workshops and conferences at the state and national level.  

Address: 3450 Clearwell Rd., Conway, AR  72034
Phone: (501) 908-4461

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